Orlando Mass Shooting Goverment False Flag

Once again another mass shooting has happened and the media is all over it, of course the gunman is muslim and got no propblem entering a night club with an assault riffle ( Right) . 

The Pattern the government use to operate those mass shootings are all the same, the killer always die or we see blurred photos of him ( them), they basicly immediatly claim it’s a “islamic terrorist” attack . Thats the first major sign of a false flag .

BE CAREFULL when i say false  flag  i don’t mean the shooting didnt happened, why would the elites fake a shooting they don’t care about people so they have no problem killing them .

All those false flag shootings are operated by government sercret services such as mossad and the cia who are sending trained mercenaries  or mind controled victims to carry on mass shootings . 

Those mass shootings put fear intoo peoples mind wich make them easily controlable and they can force more and more laws that completely violate our basic human rights, such as martial law, gun control, body search , remote viewing and cie …And of course to have people hating on muslims and the middle east so that our governments can bomb the shit out of an entire country under the name of anti terrorism and killings thousands of innocents . Yet people will applaude them  for doing so . 

They say the orlando shooting is the biggest mass  shooting in  us history when the us alone is responsible of millions of death in irak,sirya and the list goes on . That shows you how far our governments are  able to go to enslave us and keep us in constant state of fear . 

So i will tell to all the people who are aware or who are in fear because of those events, don’t be afraid . You are infinite, you never die, you are infinite energy having an experiance as a human being, you are here at this time to learn and love . The elite might think they are powerfull but they’r not, they fear they fear us .  They fear the day that’s coming when every human of this planet will wake up and see the world for what it really is, a wonderfull place where everything is possible if we think it is. Our thoughts create our reality, so think positive and be kind, leave the fear  away because fear is powerless in reality it  can do no arms to you it  is only there to try to scrare you like a mouth  is scaring an an elephant . You are the elephant and fear has no control over you .


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