This Innovative Greenhouse Makes It Possible to Grow Crops Even in the Desert!

Growing your own food and gardening your own flowers has something you can’t get from any other activity. It is calming, mindful, and extremely necessary for survival. Now, this advanced gardening technology will allow you to grow an entire oasis of plants in the middle of a desert!


Yes, you heard that right. For those of us that don’t exactly have a green thumb, there are plants out there that require very little maintenance.However, in the event of survival, you’re going to need to know how to grow plants and food that you can live off of. This new and innovative greenhouse will allow you to grow an oasis of plants in the dryest and hottest conditions. It collects dew and uses it for irrigation! It was designed by Roots Up, a nonprofit organization based in Northern Ethiopia. This amazing greenhouse invention could be essential in the recovery of third world countries!

The greenhouse is not hard to build and requires basic materials that anyone can have access to. You can use materials such as bamboo and ropes to build your greenhouse. Even the construction is quite simple because it requires no tools or skills! The greenhouse is made of polycarbonate walls in a pyramid shape, it also has a funnel made of bioplastic and a storage cistern. The greenhouse works by trapping the air during the day and converting it into the water in the evening – by condensation.


At nighttime, the atmospheric temperature decreases and the greenhouse are opened with ropes. This lets the cool air in and triggering the formation of dew, turning into droplets of water for the funnel shaped storage cistern. The company, Roots Up, is funded by a flexible campaign on IndieGoGo. It envisions the self-sufficient farming community in Northern Ethiopia, and the first greenhouse is to be opened and built by November.

If you want to know more about the pyramidal greenhouse, watch the video below!


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