Leaked Photos Show Bill Clinton Aboard Epstein’s ‘Lollita Express’

01/10/2020 New photos have emerged showing former President Bill Clinton on board Epstein’s ‘pedo plane‘ posing with a sex slave. The photographs, obtained by The Sun newspaper, show Clinton relaxing on the ‘Lolita Express’, the Boeing 727 plane Epstein used for sex trafficking children. Bill Clinton chomps on a cigar on board Epstein’s luxurious private jet In one photo, […]

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Joe Biden Gets Called Out For Touching Kids During Campain Stop

12/31/2019 Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden was confronted by protestors who called in a “pervert” and demanded he “stop touching kids” during a campaign stop in New Hampshire on Sunday. Biden is known for inappropriately touching women and young children during public events and recently told a story about how he likes it when children sit on his lap. Protestor at a […]

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Mariah Carey’s Sister Claims She Was Participating In Satanic Rituals

Mariah Carey engaged in child sex rituals and animal sacrifices conducted by a satanic cult, according to her estranged sister.  Alison  Carey According to Mariah’s sister Alison, both Mariah and her “evil mother” Patricia participated in ceremonies in which animals and children were sexually abused, tortured and sometimes killed. Radaronline.com  reports: “At a very young age, both […]

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Dulce Secret Underground Bases & Aliens

The small town of Dulce is located in the northwest of New Mexico. The town has a population of 900 people The New Mexico Dulce Base does not have the popularity of Area 51 in the Nevada desert, but it is far more sinister than the famous Area 51. Even the Hangar 18 from the military base called Wright […]

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