UFO Wreckage Records Covered in Alien ‘Hieroglyphics Found In British Museum Archives

After more than half a decade, ‘British Roswell’ UFO Records covered in Alien ‘Hieroglyphics have been rediscovered at a Science Museum in England. Groundbreaking pieces of evidence of Britain’s Infamous Silpho Moor UFO Crash have been rediscovered inside London’s Science Museum Last year, the British government decided to declassify the secret files on UFO sightings […]

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Montauk Project Victim Speaks Out: Greys, Reptilians, Time Travel & Mind Control Experiments

Here’s an interview with an individual named Andy Pero. Here’s more recent information from the survivor of horrendous mind control programming directly connected to the infamous Montauk Project operations; activities which also included some of the most advanced experimental work into relativistic and quantum physics which has ever been done, including interdimensional and time travel […]

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God Odin Was Exiled From Asgard,The Kingdom Of The Gods

In the Norse society rules and laws were expected to be followed. Breaking norms led to that an individual was  shunned and suffer some kind of consequence. Everyone could be punished for not following the rules. No-one stood above the law and gods were also expected to behave according to Norse standards. The greatest of […]

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