6 Powerful Grounding Techniques to Balance Your Root Chakra

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As you may know, we have several chakra points in our body. These chakra points are very important.

The chakra we are going to be focusing on in this article is the root chakra. It is located at the base of our spines and is responsible for giving us our foundation. Without this chakra, we would feel a lack of security which happens when this chakra needs balancing. When this chakra becomes imbalanced we have to get it balanced as soon as possible. There are several ways to do this that I will list below.


1. Dance

Yes, dance. Move your body freely and enjoy yourself even if it is alone in your room with the door shut.


2. Practice yoga

Yoga works wonders on balancing many different kinds of chakra. There are different postures and positions for each one and my favorite for the root chakra is the ‘tree pose.’


3. Be in nature

Spend time outdoors. Get your feet in the Earth. Our root chakra is one of the ways in which we communicate with the Earth. Allow yourself to feel all that is around you.

4. Meditate

Imagine a red focal point and chant ‘Lam’ as it is said to be a cleansing mantra for the root chakra.


5. Try crystal cleansing

Red Jasper should be able to help you big time with this.

6. Eat organic food

This is a good way to get yourself focused on being one with the Earth around you.

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