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One of the biggest mysteries that has haunted man since the past century is the Bermuda triangle .Also referred to as the Devil’s triangle geographically , Miami (Florida), San Juan (Puerto Rico) and the Bermuda Island form the three vertices of this much debated triangle . When did it start? On December 5 1945, 5 flights with 14 crew members went missing , later on the same day a rescue plane with 13 crew members set off ,after take off all communications were lost with the rescue plane !!

Many such mysterious disappearances of both planes and ships in the coming twenty years led many to wonder what was happening? What was the reason? While these incidents triggered the probe into the mystery of Bermuda triangle there were several incidents in the past that indicated these mysterious happenings .

While some attributed the existence of a string magnetic field in this part of the ocean , others blamed it on rumors . There are a few possible explanations for this mystery in Vedas . 

Bermuda Triangle Mention in RAMAYANA:

In Ramayana there is a mention of the demon Simhika or Chayagrahi , the demon capable of attracting objects by focusing on its shadow , but Simhika’s presence was attributed to the Indian ocean , if her powers extended to the Atlantic ocean it is one possible explanation for the Bermuda triangle What does the RIGVEDA say? According to Brahmanda Purana (composed more than 5000 years ago) and Rig Veda (written more than 23000 years ago) planet Mars was born out of Earth .Hence Mars is referred as Bhauma (‘son of Bhumi’) or Kuja (Ku = Earth + Ja = Born out of ) in Sanskrit.

Asya Vamasya Sukta in Rig Veda states :”When Earth gave birth to Mars, and Mars seperated from its mother, her thigh got injured and she became imbalanced and to stop it heavenly doctors, Aswini Kumars poured iron into the triangular shaped injury and Earth got fixed in her current position. That is why Earth’s axis is bent at a particular angle. ”This triangle shaped injury filled with iron later went on to become the Bermuda triangle . The iron on longstanding through magnetic induction gained the properties of magnet .

Planes and Ships have iron content and hence when they flew or sailed over this region there was a strong force of attraction which drew these objects into the sea


In Atharva Veda there is a mention of a gem named as the Darbha Gem . In Khanda 19 there is adescription which says “As the Sun brings down clouds on earth in the same way oh! Darbha gem you fall down the rising enemies.

”This is due to the high gravitational force of the gem “As the curd is stirred in the same way oh! Darbha gem you stir enemies.”This means that the Gem causes stirring of oceans or in modern language whirlpools Mantra 7 of Sukta 29, says, “to burn the bodies”;This burning is due to the emission of high energy rays like Laser rays which have the ability to burn bodies . All these descriptions indicate the happenings at the Bermuda triangle. Not one but several Darbha gems could cause the effect witnessed at the Bermuda triangle . What modern scientists are trying to solve , India has solved the same decades ago!