Bright UFO Travels Low Over A Siberian Field In Russia

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Massive, luminous UFO was seen traveling above Russia and gliding low over a Siberian field. The ball of light amazed and at the same time scared locals who witnessed the rare phenomenon.

The shaky footage of the apparent UFO seems to show a glowing object going towards the camera, before turning off into trees close to Siberia’s largest city, Novosibirsk.

However, Russian experts believe it could be ball lightning, which usually associated with thunderstorms. Ball lightning could last longer than the usual split-second flash. It has been reported to appear as a glow during thunderstorms, ranging from a golf ball size to several meters across. Nevertheless, scientists admitted that they still did not fully understood the atmospheric electrical phenomenon.

There have been reports that a ball lightning injured or even killed people and destroyed buildings. It was only widely known to exist in the 1960s, but until today, researchers could not be sure of the cause of the phenomena.

In August 2013, U.S. Air Force Academy researchers in Colorado tried to make and photograph bright white plasmoid balls in their lab to understand ball lightning better. Generated from high-power electric sparks and discharged by electrodes, the balls were submerged in electrolyte solutions. The researchers found elements in the local soil from the balls, including silicon, iron, and calcium. But the researchers were not certain if they had created the ball lightning in their study.

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