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Government – Page 3 – Truth Revolution
There’s NO VIRUS: The Covid SCAMDEMIC Exposed

07/31/2021 David Icke exposes the SCAMDEMIC …There’s NO VIRUS! Video: Related Articles: Did you like this?Tip TheTruthRevolution with Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash Ethereum Litecoin ZCash Donate Bitcoin to TheTruthRevolution Scan the QR code or copy the address below into your wallet to send some bitcoin: Donate via Installed Wallet Copy [X] Click Here to Hide […]

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DARPA Hydrogel & Lithium Found On Covid Testing Swabs

07/29/2021 Covid Test Swabs up Close – New Report Claims Test Fibers Packed Dangerous DARPA Hydrogel, lithium & ETHYLENE OXIDE. Initially I didn’t pay much attention to these reports because first ones were pretty vague and seemed unsubstantiated. They kind of were. But then they started to become more and more detailed, coherent and very […]

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22 Years Old Man Dies 9 Hours After Covid Killer Vaccine Injection

07/28/2021 Maxime Beltra a 22 years old French man Received his vaxxine injection on 07.26.2021 at 2PM & died the same day at 11pm. The brewery he worked at gave him a final hommage https://www.facebook.com/brasserielasiesta/posts/4368000606597946 “Today the brewery is mourning one of its warriors, you will have illuminated the brewery with your smile during your […]

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Tunable Electrical Conductivity of Graphene Oxide

07/28/2021 source: orwell.city As the duo of researchers from La Quinta Columna usually does in all their programs, they once again read and discussed papers on graphene. They’re still looking for a study on how graphene behaves when exposed to EMF fields in vivo, the only one they need to confirm all their lucubrations about the role of […]

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This is How Graphene Oxide Reacts When Exposed to EMF

07/26/2021 Source: Orwell.city Graphene tends to organize itself, creating a grid when exposed to EMF. Let’s remember that Orwel.city has already warned us about the toxicity of this nanomaterial that had been silently introduced into the population through , vaccines (Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna….& the flu shot called Vaxigrip Tetra), masks, PCR tests, and other administration routes under investigation. The following video […]

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Worldwide Protests Against Mandatory Vaccination & Covid Health Pass

07/24/2021 Hundreds of thousands ( if not millions) of people took in to streets all over France, England, Ireland, Italy…Australia to fight back against  mandatory vaccination & covid pass. More protests are sheduled all over the world in the coming days/weeks….Humanity is waking up! we’re not going to take it anymore! England: Comme en France […]

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List of Antioxidants that Degrade Graphene Oxide

07/21/2021 “La Quinta Columna” has released an informative video regarding antioxidants that can be used as a preventative treatment to detoxify the graphene oxide that both vaccinated and unvaccinated people may have in their bodies. Orwell City has taken the time to translate it into English, as it has valuable information that both La Quinta Columna’s followers […]

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