Corporations Are Planning to Replace “Vaccinated” Employees Who Will Likely Die Within Years

07/04/2021 THEY KNOW WHATS COMING. THEY ARE PLANNING TO REPLACE THEIR VACCINATED PERSONNEL – An executive who works in the oil and gas industry to strategize succession plans for large corporations has issued a warning that companies all around the world are already anticipating having to replace their “vaccinated” workers within the next few years. In the […]

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Mother Shares Her Tragic Testimony On How COVID Vaccine RUINNED Her Daughter’s Life

07/01/2021 US Senator Ron Johnson held press conference with families who are victims of the COVID vaccine Monday at the Federal Courthouse in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The families from across the country came to talk about the adverse reactions they have experienced after taking a COVID-19 vaccine. Just last week the CDC admitted they were finding more cases of rare […]

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06/27/2021 LEAKED DOCS ON PERMAMENT LOCKDOWN OF UK watch: Related Articles: GRAPHENE OXIDE NANOSHEETS, NEURAL LACE IN COVID VACCINES AMAZON TV SHOW PROMOTES STERILIZATION OF HUMANITY THROUGH VACCINES: UTOPIA (2020) Did you like this?Tip TheTruthRevolution with Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash Ethereum Litecoin ZCash Donate Bitcoin to TheTruthRevolution Scan the QR code or copy the address […]

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06/26/2021 Recent Lab Observations of the covid mRNA Vaccines suggest Graphene Oxide Nanosheets added to covid “vaccines “. Graphene Oxide is one of the KEY components used by elon musk’s neural lace “neuralink” project wich aim at connecting the human brain to AI. ( Graphene Oxide is a toxin to the body, it can also […]

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MUST SEE: Conspiracies Surrounding John McAfee’s Death

06/04/2021 Anti-virus software entrepreneur John McAfee has been found dead  on 23rd June 2021 in a Barcelona prison cell hours after a Spanish court agreed to extradite him to the US to face tax evasion charges. A statement from Spain’s Ministry of Justice has indicated the cause of death for McAfee could be suicide, a detail that […]

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