Six foods that make you anxious

ANXIETY can make you feel as if you’re walking a tightrope every day. And according to mental health organisation Beyondblue, it’s something that affects more than two million Australians. Symptoms such as hot flushes and chronic worrying are red alerts that your body and brain are stuck in fight or flight mode.But how did you […]

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Signs Your Body is Burdened with Toxins

The word “detox” may sound like just another buzz word, but the detoxification process is actually an essential part of human health. Your body comes equipped with its own natural method for detoxification, known as the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system serves to remove toxins, cell waste and other materials from the body’s tissues, organs […]

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Neem Plant Suppresses Cancer and Reduces Tumours by 70%

Neem oil has been valued for centuries for its huge range of medicinal uses. Now Singapore academics have stated that active compounds in the neem plant reduce the size of prostate tumours by up to 70 percent and suppress its spread or metastasis by half. A team of international researchers led by Associate Professor Gautam […]

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Breath: Your Natural Healing Tool

Breath is a Requisite for Life & Healing “It’s like breathing,” we say, to illustrate the ease of a particular task or the acquisition of a new skill that isn’t really difficult. From our initial entry into life, breathing is automatic, something we don’t prepare for or think about until we face a health crisis […]

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How Cannabis is Going to Change Life as We Know It

In this article, Mike Zappy transcribes the contents of a talk on cannabis and how it’s going to change ‘life as we know it’ that he had intended to deliver at a Tedx event in Boca Raton. The text was approved by the organizers and Zappy was scheduled into the event but a few days […]

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