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History – Page 2 – Truth Revolution
Researchers reveal 143 new Nazca Lines of strange humanoid beings and a two-headed ‘snake’

02/13/2020 A team of researchers from Yamagata University, along with IBM researchers, has found 143 new Nazca Lines in Peru with the help of A.I. technology. One small geoglyph of a ‘humanoid’ was found using A.I technology alone for the first time. Among these never-before-seen formations are some strange and fascinating images. Some larger ones can only […]

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Two Sisters Claims Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell Sexually Abused Them In The 1990’s

A victim claims that she and her underage sister were procured for Jeffrey Epstein by his “pimp” Ghislaine Maxwell – who sexually abused and “threatened to kill” them if they reported the abuse. Annie and Maria Farmer say they were drawn into Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile world during the 1990s. While allegations of Epstein’s child sex abuse received […]

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Mystery of “The Nommos” Ancient Aliens from the Sirius Star System

The Dogon first appeared in the limelight amongst academics and researchers when it was revealed that they possess an inexplicably advanced astronomical understanding for such a primitive tribe. Living in a symbiotic relationship with the earth. They do not use technology, nor have a need for philosophy, sciences or literature. Focusing instead on spirituality, existing […]

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Time Travel In Mythology and Science

Credits: Ancient Origins Time travelling and time machines have been a topic of science fiction and countless movies for many decades. In fact, it appears that the possibility to travel in time, either into the future or into the past, has appealed to the imagination of mankind for centuries.  While many may think it is […]

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Anunnaki: Enki, The “God Who Saved Humanity

Credits: Ancient Origins In the belief system of the Sumerians, Enki (known also as Ea by the Akkadians and Babylonians) was regarded to be one of the most important deities. Originally Enki was worshipped as a god of fresh water and served as the patron deity of the city of Eridu (which the ancient Mesopotamians believe was […]

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How Feminism Tricked Women Into Promescuity & Giving Up Their Values

Women want love, marriage and family. Men want Sex. Before second-wave feminism, the watchword for women was “No sex before marriage.” Feminists like Brown duped women into giving sex in exchange for NOTHING. Thanks partly to her, almost 50% of American women are childless today. She deprived women of their honoured natural and social roles as wives and mothers. Feminism […]

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Researchers Discover Secret Recipe of Roman Concrete that Made It Stronger Than “Modern Concrete”

Credits: Ancient-Origins Ancient Rome’s concrete recipe is an impressive feat in architectural history. Some Roman buildings are so spectacular in their construction and beauty that modern builders would never attempt something similar, even with today’s technology. Now engineers are beginning to understand why ancient Roman concrete was so revolutionary. Rome built many of its buildings and monuments […]

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The Occult Secrets of Vril, Orgone, Tantra & Esoteric Transmutation

Meaning “to weave” in Sanskrit, the term Tantra implies a set of spiritual practices that direct the universal energies into the practitioner, thereby leading to liberation from the physical level of existence. Samadhi is a state of Consciousness characterized by clarity of perception and the absence of the ego. It is the state of Consciousness […]

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