Australian Cave paintings may be the oldest on the planet

Until now, accurately dating the art was considered impossible due to a lack of organic matter in most paintings which ruled out radiocarbon dating. However, a new method promises to deliver shocking results Cave paintings of indigenous Australians could be so old that it would take the number one spot as oldest cave paintings on […]

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How Religion, Money, Politics, and Education Are Used to Enslave Our Bodies and Souls

This article is my most controversial article because it contains “forbidden knowledge” and evidence proving that the Controllers have infiltrated and distorted most systems in the world, including the religious, political, educational, and financial system. If you do not know who the Controllers are, they are wealthy globalists who control society from behind the scene […]

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Akhenaten, the ‘Alien Pharaoh’ of Ancient Egypt

Akhenaten was, without a doubt, one of the most enigmatic and mysterious Pharaohs to rule over the lands of ancient Egypt. He was one of the most controversial and influential Pharaohs of Egypt and is considered by many as one of the world’s most revolutionary religious innovators. He ruled over the land of the Pharaohs […]

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