President Trump Announces Plan To “Fire” Nancy Pelosi

President Trump has urged supporters to back Republicans as the party takes the “first steps to firing Speaker Pelosi and winning back the House in 2020.” The President asked citizens in North Carolina to defeat Democrats in the special election for the Ninth Congressional district in the state by voting for the GOP candidate. “Tomorrow, we […]

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Joe Biden’s Eye Seen Filled With Blood On Recent CNN Interview

09/05/2019 During a recent interview with Anderson Cooper On CNN Climate Town Hall, Joe biden’s eye appeared to be injected with blood. If you thought Biden wasn’t creepy enough, here’s something that will definitly give you the creeps. I guess the many Demons inhabiting Biden’s body were trying to get noticed on live TV! Take […]

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Jeffrey Epstein Case: Links To Court Docs, Black Book, Testimonies, Flight Logs & More

In This Post you will be provided with  links to important files/docs related to  the Jeffrey Epstein case,  along with  recent docs released by the US court, one day before Epstein “Suicide. All Epstein Docs in one pdf Epstein court doc dump 2: Virginia Robert Memoir:  Epstein’s Private Jet Flight Logs: […]

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