President Trump Retweets “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself”

05/04/2020 President Trump retweeted a bombshell tweet on Sunday that claims billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself. POTUS retweeted an April 25 post by former GOP congressional candidate DeAnna Lorraine that defended the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. Included in her tweet was the line “Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself.” “…and Jeffrey Epstein […]

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Vaccine Consultant To Big Pharma Admits under oath the use of Aborted Foetal Tissue in Vaccines

04/28/2020 Vaccine consultant to Big Pharma Stanley Plotkin admits under oath the use of aborted foetal tissue in vaccines and vaccine experiments on the handicapped – a must-watch for those trying to silence ‘anti-vaxxers’ (like YouTube and Facebook) Related Videos: Related Articles: Did you like this?Tip TheTruthRevolution with Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash Ethereum Litecoin ZCash […]

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ER Physician Exposes Covid-19 Narrative Hoax

04/26/2O2O Dr. Dan Erickson of Bakersfield, CA just dropped multiple bombshells that completely eviscerate the official narrative. Main points made by the doctor: 1. The answer as to whether or not we need to continue to stay at home and keep businesses closed is an emphatic “NO”. 2. Covid-19 is in fact no more dangerous […]

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