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SHOCKING: Analyzes of Unvaccinated Blood Vs Covid Vaccinated

09/19/2021 Another Doctor Blows Whistle On Post-Vaccine Anomalies & Mystery particles found in the blood of the vaccinated . Here’s a video showing analyzes of blood cells of an Unvaccinated person compared with the blood cells of a Covid vaccinated person, the results are SHOCKING, blood cells shows very strange anomalies Related Articles: Bombshell: Full […]

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Covid Vaccinated People Can Emit Radiations

09/04/2021 In an exclusive interview for the program La Voz de España on Channel 5 TV, La Quinta Columna reported that, in addition to detecting ionizing waves in the environment using Geiger counters, they’re also detecting them in some vaccinated individuals. The reason for this is most probably due to graphene oxide, a nanomaterial that has a wave-multiplying property. Video: […]

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Bombshell: Full Analysis Of Covid Vaccines Content – Graphene Oxide/Nanotechnology

08/29/2021 Author: Dr. Robert O Young CPC, MSc, DSc, PhD, Naturopathic Practitioner Source: www.drrberyoung.com Phase Contrast Microscopy, Transmission and Scanning Electron Microscopy and Energy-Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy Reveal the Ingredients in the CoV-19 Vaccines! Germs Are Born In Us and From Us as an Outfection and NOT an Infection of the Body Cells. In other words […]

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Nurse Exposes Covid Hoax in Epic Rant

08/28/2021 Nurse Exposes The Covid Plandemic and PCR test hoax! Epic rant, watch & share ! Did you like this?Tip TheTruthRevolution with Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash Ethereum Litecoin ZCash Donate Bitcoin to TheTruthRevolution Scan the QR code or copy the address below into your wallet to send some bitcoin: Donate via Installed Wallet Copy [X] […]

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Former Pfizer Employee Exposes FDA Approval Of Pfizer Vaccines

08/25/2021 EXCLUSIVE BOMBSHELL! Stew Peters talks with former Pfizer employee and biotech analyst, Karen Kingston. Kingston reveals what the FDA approval really means, and why it’s “game over” for the vaccine manufacturer, and for the inoculation. Related video: STORIES OF RUINED LIVES AND DEATH FOLLOWING PFIZER’S COVID-19 VACCINES Related Articles: Covid Vaccinated BLOOD EXAMINED, HORRIFIC […]

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Shocking: Cathode structure found in AstraZeneca Covid Vaccine

08/24/2021 Source: Orwell.City Chilean Theologian, Philosopher, and Connectivity and Networking Engineer Christopher Montenegro was present on Dirección Correcta. During the program by Radio El Mirador del Gallo, he discussed —among other current contingency topics—, the dangers of electro-frequencies and the nanotechnology found in AstraZeneca vials that are being analyzed in Chile. Graphene oxide isn’t the only nanoelement that goes in the vials. A […]

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08/28/2021 Vaccinated Patients’ Blood Examined by German Physicians shows horrific findings! Footage and slides of multiple patients’ blood that was examined after being inoculated with the death shots. Very important, Please watch the whole video & share this article! Video: Related video: Related Articles: German Researchers Found Graphene Oxide Nanotech in Pfizer Vaccine DARPA Hydrogel […]

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German Researchers Found Graphene Oxide Nanotech in Pfizer Vaccine

08/16/2021 In corroboration of the Moderna vaccine findings under a microscope reported by American medical researchers, a video with German subtitles exposing drops of the Pfizer vaccine under a microscope has surfaced online; Posted at several channels on Telegram and at Youtube on August 10, 2021, showing an astounding congregation of tiny specks of luminous […]

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