Vaccines, Dead Doctors, and Depopulation

Autism has now skyrocketed to ONE IN 45 in this country. That means if you walked down your street right now, it’s highly likely you wouldn’t even have to go a full block before you will have passed a home with at least one autistic child living in it. What you are about to hear […]

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The secrets of the solar system hidden under Antarctica

According to researchers, the secrets of our solar system could be answered by looking at the Icy continent of Antarctica. The Secrets of the solar system could be hidden in Antarctica.    Researchers have discovered extremely well-preserved asteroids hiding under just 10 centimeters of ice. Scientists believe that due to the heating of the Sun, […]

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Crop Circles: A message from above

The appearance of mysterious crop circles is not exclusive to recent decades. Some of these formations are so immense and complex as to defy reason and the truth behind them is far more intriguing than we are willing to accept.    Crop circles have been a subject for debate among researchers and ufologists for years. […]

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Scientists confirm: Mystery ‘hobbits’ were not human

After tenuous studies, researchers have come closer to solve the mystery surrounding the so-called Flores man, which they believe is not human after all.    According to a new analysis of the bone fragments from the skull of the Homo floresiensis and respective layers, researchers have excluded them from any linkage with our species, Homo sapiens, […]

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Evidence of Advanced Ancient Technology: Puma Punku

Puma Punku is a place where one loses the notion of space and time. This temple complex located near Tiwanaku, Bolivia is one of the most incredible ancient ruins you will find in South America. Perhaps the biggest mystery involving Puma Punku is, how ancient mankind managed to transport these huge blocks of stone from quarries […]

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10 Incredible Ways Eating Cannabis Oil Could Save Your Life

Just because a substance is illegal does not mean it is bad. In fact, many legal substances are responsible for a variety of ailments, prescription drugs alone are responsible for killing over 100,000 people each year. Cannabis might’ve been considered a harmful drug for many decades but all of this is about to change. Dozens […]

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