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Paranormal – Truth Revolution
Words & Reverse Occult Symbolism

Putting something into words doesn’t just mean labelling known circumstances: Words, when used creatively, can literally bring something new into existence and into being.  For example, human rights were created in this way. They did not exist until someone brought them into being by putting into words what they envisioned as the opposite of inhumanity […]

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The Onega Petroglyphs: Depictions of sky beings from 6,000 BC?

The Onega petroglyphs are rock engravings located on the east coast of Lake Onega in the northwest of Russia. According to reports, the thousands of petroglyphs date back to around 5,000—6,000 BC. Experts have identified around 1,200 petroglyphs scattered in an area of 20 km, including several capes, such as Besov Nos, which features the mysterious […]

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The Remarkable Knowles Family UFO Encounter Incident

In 1988 the Knowles family claimed they encountered and were actively chased in their car by a UFO on the Australian Nullarbor Plain. The Knowles family and their two pet dogs had a UFO encounter on whilst travelling across the Nullarbor Plain in the early hours of the morning. The family described how a UFO […]

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The Mysterious Zanfretta Alien Abductions Case in Italy

Many of the “classic” cases of UFO and entity encounters come from the United States, leading debunkers to dismiss the UFO phenomenon as a creation of the American media. But some of the most fantastic and puzzling abductions occurred in Italy, to a security guard named Piero Fortunato Zanfretta.

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Witches And Aliens Connection

Between the 14th and 18th centuries, somewhere between 40,000 and 60,000 people on the European continent were tried and executed for witchcraft. Most of these people were burned alive in the public square of the nearest town, and most were also tortured before burning. Between 70% and 80% of all ‘witches’ executed were women, but […]

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Naupa Huaca: An Ancient “Cosmic” portal hidden in Peru?

Peru is a place of mythology, history, fascinating inexplicable monuments built long before the Inca and other dominant cultures, and a place filled with incredible mysteries that remain to this day unanswered. Hidden away near the Sacred Valley of Peru are the ruins of Naupa Huaca, an ancient monument built with such precision that no […]

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