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Sprirituality – Page 3 – Truth Revolution
Your Grandparents’ Experiences Can Affect Your Genes

Studies of human populations suggest that our health and longevity could be affected by the diets and experiences of our grandparents. For example, studies of a small community in northern Sweden where detailed historical records were kept found correlations between food availability for one generation and the mortality rate for that generation’s grandchildren. But the […]

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Discover Your Dominant Personality Traits with This Tree Test

Trees symbolize many things, including growth, nature, and life itself. With their universal appeal, we all have our favorites, but did you know that selecting a tree can reveal a great deal about your personality? After studying several individuals, their dominant personality traits, and which trees they found themselves attracted to. While there are many […]

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8 Signs Your Guardian Angel is Trying to Contact You

Some may believe that the idea of a guardian angel is a little far fetched. While the idea seems crazy, the theory really makes some unexplained mysteries a little more sensible. Guardian angels are more entities of spirit, rather than a ghostly figure, so don’t be confused. However, these positive spirits try to contact us […]

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