Cigar Shaped UFO Seen Flying Past The International Space Station DEC 2016

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cigar-shaped UFO was spotted moving alongside the International Space Station in a NASA live web feed. Some conspiracy theorists are entertaining the thoughts of alien astronauts on the ship.

The short video shows the strange object in the distance flashing bright red and blue lights before vanishing without a trace.

The sighting reportedly took place on December 5th as what the video publisher indicated on YouTube.

The nearly 4-minute video shows the outside of the station, but something unusual appears to the right of the screen. It shows an apparent object moving at the same speed.

The video publisher said that it is an unidentified flying object close to the ISS. Some very fast red flashes can be seen in the video.

At around 2:06 of the video, a small red light makes an appearance. The light eventually gets bigger, but also slowly starts to disappear. Seconds before it disappears, at 3:22, a bright blue light suddenly flashes on the screen.

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