Covid-19 Symptoms Might Not Come From a Virus But From 5G

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A NYC-ICU Doctor recently made a video talking about is experience working with patients who were infected with Covid-19.

He says that what the symptoms he’s seen on his patients are unlike anything he’s seen before.

He says he’s witnessed medical phenomena that don’t make sense in the context of treating a disease that is supposed to be a viral form of neumonia as the medial tells us.

He says that they’v been told that they will treating is a very dangerous form of  “ARD” ( accute respiratory distress symptoms), yet  ” everything i’v seen in the last nine days, all the things that just don’t make sense, the patients i’m seing in front of me, the lungs i’m trying to improve have led me to believe that this “Covid-19″ is not this disease.”

‘It’s not behaving as a viral neumonia, we are operating under a medical paradigm that is false “, he added that he fears that this misguided treatment will lead to more harm for a great amount of people, in a short period of time.

He says the symptom he’s seing is oxygen failure, and he’s admiting that wathever this is it can be exacerbated by the use of respiratory ventilators.

This “virus” is not acting as a neumonia and should not be treated as such, he says, these symptoms can be compared to oxygen depravation experienced at very high altitudes, the patients lungs are litteraly deprived of oxygen.

So what are the connections beetween covid-19 and 5G ?
Could this virus be in reality not a virus but the result of 5G being used has a bioweapon on the population ?

First we have the pilot city rollout of 5g. These cities are beta test cities for 5g communication systems to deploy and test this technology. One of these cities just so happened to be the capitol city of the Hubei province, Wuhan. the infrastructure was being built as early as 2018 and we can assume fully functional as of October 2019, because that is when the World military games took place in Wuhan as per the article above.

Next we have a timely law that was passed on June 29th, 2019. The mandatory vaccination law. It was slated to go into full effect December 1st, 2019. vaccine scandals in china are about a dime a dozen, from faulty vaccinesfake vaccines, inadequate handling of vaccines , the legitimateness is quite questionable, and now they’re no longer asking. You may be wondering what vaccines have to do with 5g, well we’ll come back to that in a moment.

Lets talk about the effects of 5g radiation. You see, 5g is not a new technology by any means. We’ve had it since the invention of radio. Its been secretly coveted by the military industrial complex as a crowd control weapons. For over 100 years we’ve been testing and studying the effects of the millimeter wavelength spectrum.

5G Network Uses The Same EMF Waves As Pentagon Crowd Control System

Don’t believe me? Heres a study from MIT done in 1948 on the microwave absorption levels of oxygen. What they found is that at 60GhZ the microwaves are fully absorbed by oxygen molecules. Here are more data sets from 2001 to back that up. So lets break this down to fully understand the implications.

If you ever wondered how your microwave works, this is a pretty simple explanation. The microwave emits a 2.45GhZ frequency. This frequency is the absorption frequency for water molecules. It causes the molecules to oscillate at 2.45 BILLION hertz PER SECOND. These oscillations cause friction and that friction heats up your food. The interesting part is that the food is cooked from the inside out because the microwaves penetrate through the food, contrary to conventional cooking methods that cook from the outside in.

(fun fact: your wifi router also emits the same frequency(2.4GhZ), only less wattage behind it.) sous vide, anyone?

So now that we understand how microwaves work, we can use that example to explain whats happening to oxygen molecules that are exposed to 5g signals from the linked study above. So why does it matter if oxygen is absorbing 5g frequencies? Well for the telecom companies it is essential to block out radio interferences and environmental interferences such as storms and rain. However, we need to look at the molecular structure of oxygen a bit closer to fully understand whats going on here. Oxygen (O2) is a diatomic molecule which means it has two molecules bonded together. When exposed to 60GhZ it begins to oscillate, just like water molecules. Only the oscillations begin to form a rotational spin of the molecule at 60 BILLION hertz PER SECOND.

Now we have to look at how our bodies utilize oxygen. When we breathe the oxygen is taken into our lungs and passed through the alveoli. When passed through the alveoli it is met with red blood cells that contain hemoglobin which binds to the oxygen and the oxygen is then carried away through the body.

So what happens when these oxygen molecules are oscillating at 60GhZ? Well its like sticking your hand in a fan and trying to catch the blade, only this blade is spinning at 60 Billion RPS (revolutions per second) The oxygen is unable to bind to the hemoglobin and your body slowly suffocates to death through hypoxia.

Strangely, the symptoms of covid-19 and hypoxia match up.

– shortness of breath

– troubled or rapid breathing

– headaches

– dizziness

– DRY cough (59% of corona patients experience dry cough the very opposite of pneumonia)

– seizures

– fainting

This explains why most patients are asymptomatic for up to a month. They’re not cultivating a virus within them, they’re slowly suffocating to death.

This USSR soviet study from 1977 that was a declassified by the CIA goes into more scientific depth of whats happening at a cellular level.

Now returning back to the vaccine and 5g connection I stumbled upon this study from 1997 stating that an EMF of only 50Hz can reactivate latently infected Epstein-Barr virus patients. So lets connect some dots, China passes a law of a mandatory vaccine schedule in 2019 and then suddenly a viral outbreak after 5g communications goes live? These instances may have no connection, but they definitely deserve to be looked into if TPTB and their de-population agenda is at hand here.

Speaking of TPTB lets take a look at the people who are pushing for 5g rollout. Here is Tom Wheeler, former chairman of the FCC speaking on the topic. Why so hostile, Tom?

He clearly does not want anything getting in the way between him and his billions of dollars. No regulations, no safety studies, we aren’t waiting for that nonsense!

So whats really going on here? Is this actually a virus or the worlds largest psy-op false flag?

Is this just a way to usher in Marshall law? We’ve seen china quarantine whole cities of millions of people, effectively turning them into an open air prison, but why?

If this virus was really as bad as they say it is, why aren’t the medical staff, police, and military clad in hazmat suits?

And why  hospitals around the world aren’t full of patients despite all the fear propagated by the media ?

Because 5G Isn’t yet deployed in enough cities arounf the world maybe ?

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I assume thats how they would handle a virus like this in a laboratory. Wheres the PPE? From what we’ve been shown this virus is joke to them.

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