Crop circle compilation September-December 2015

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Prudentópolis, Paraná, Southern Brazil. Reported 7th October.


Chicoana Salta province. Argentina. Reported 1st November :

Once again, the tracks in the wheat fields are to be seen in the fields of the Department of Chicoana Salta province , on November 1, 2015 , at 1640 hours , with Marcelo V. research and Mercedes Homes, we become aware some new brands around the town and we bring this video for you to appreciate this work of human or extraterrestrial nature.

Malabrigo, Santa Fe, Argentina. Reported 7th November :


In my opinion, on the crop circle is shown following:

On the left side are depicted following energies according to the Tzolkin calendar:

White Mirror – this is the Solar Seal of the day 7th November 2015,
and Red Moon – the major energy of the actual Red Moon Wavespell
The big oval symbolizes the energy “White Mirror” and the circle in the oval symbolizes the energy “Red Moon”.

On the right is depicted 3/4 circle (3/4 Moon), which shows that exactly 3/4 of the current Lunar month have passed.

This crop circle shows a synchronization between the 260-day Tzolkin calendar and the 365-day 13-Moon calendar.

Short characteristics of the depicted energies:

White Mirror – Reflection, Infinity, Meditation
Red Moon – Purification, Flow, Universal Water

Ipuacu, Santa Catarina, Brazil. Reported 31st October :


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