DeepOnion: Protect Your Privacy With The Next Big Cryptocurrency

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 DeepOnion is a new form of Cryptocurrency that works in the same way as Bitcoin but has more  enhancements. It comes with full integration using the TOR network and all trading activities done are  anonymous. DeepOnion provides clear safeguards against revealing the identities of the traders by decrypting the IP locations. It makes buying easier as no one can monitor your movement and transactions unlike with the use of other traditional methods.  

Although Bitcoin has pioneered in the field of Cryptocurrency, the introduction of DeepOnion is a real game changer in the industry of Crypt Currency. Bitcoin is overcrowded, is slow and has more disadvantages. It is too large to explore and complex for a newbie. Apart from technical downfalls, there’s a big gap between the Bitcoin managers and the community. The initiators of DeepOnion developed it to create a more secure and untraceable coin.  

  Advantages of Using DeepOnion  
  If you are wondering why DeepOnion offers the best Cryptocurrency read along to see some of the features of the new kid on the block.  

  It’s 100% Anonymous  
  DeepOnion operates over TOR which hides your IP completely. No one can identify where you are trading  from and therefore no more monitoring of your financial transactions. The TOR software protects your  connectivity making it impossible for anyone to watch or monitor your virtual life. TOR also allows you to  trade hassle-free using different browsers to open and maintain wallets for Windows, Linux, and Mac.  

  Unlike Bitcoin, DeepOnion doesn’t require crowdfunding or ICO. All coins are distributed freely as airdrops.  This feature increases the value of trading anonymously as it doesn’t require involvement of many people for a trade to be successful.  

Hidden Payment  
  All payments made on this platform are invisible and untraceable. The secret addresses are coded to hide  the real location of the miner or trader. The deep-send feature will make the coin more anonymous.  

Growth Potential  
  This coin has a high growth potential and enhancement. The DeepOnion team is innovative and will enhance the coin with every release of new features. These upgrades will better the security and usability of the coin.  

 Fast Confirmation  
  The time taken to confirm a transaction on DeepOnion is speedy. You will wait for only a few seconds to  receive a confirmation. Unlike Bitcoin, you can send and transfer money faster with DeepOnion.  

Creating Virtual Anonymity  
  Operating a DeepOnion Account helps to increase the number of nodes on the TOR Network. This increase  results in more people working anonymously online globally.  

The DeepOnion Team  
  The DeepOnion development team consists of 4 experienced professionals in the fields of SEM marketing,  Blockchain Expertise, Software development, Branding and cloud computing. The key developers are  knowledgeable and dedicated members in their respective professional leanings. The DeepOnion team has 25 million coins which the Currency wants to trade in a period of 10 years. Members joining the currency have the advantage of buying goods and services using the coins.  

 It’s easy to purchase or import commodities that you want by paying through DeepOnion. Although launching this product came with its challenges, many people are waking up to the reality of the cryptocurrency. The DeepOnion team tries to solve the problems experienced by Bitcoin by incorporating the community in all trading activities. A huge percentage of the coins is distributed to the community leaving the management with a few coins (about 10°/o). This reason motivates community members to participate and trade in DeepOnion coins.  

Reasons for Pre-mining  
  Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies use ICO as a way of distributing their coins. On the other hand,  DeepOnion prefers pre-mining as a means of enlarging the community base. DeepOnion is more concerned with the commitment of the community because that is the key to any coin’s success. Instead of adopting the ICO which benefits the development team only, the development team wants to avoid the disconnection between them and the community. 

  DeepOnion values the role of the community and as such wants to walk together through the journey to success. The acceptance of the crypto-coin by many people is the key goal of DeepOnion. The more people use the coin, the higher its acceptability, and growth. DeepOnion targets to become the largest, most anonymous and safest Cryptocurrency in the world.  

Making Secure Transactions over TOR network  
  The initials ‘TOR‘ stands for The Onion Router.” This crypto coin is a decentralized network source which  allows anonymous interaction of people all over the world using the internet. TOR directs your IP address  information to several nodes on the network. It encrypts the packet header thereby changing and concealing the original IP location. This feature helps to protect the users against traffic analysis. Traffic analysis is a type of network that monitors and reveals information related to business activities, national security intelligence, relationships, and political plans among others.  

  DeepOnion doesn’t have any affiliation with the TOR project but supports the TOR project. Knowing your IP  status is easy and doesn’t require technological know-how. Look at the bottom right corner of your account to identify the TOR indicator. The TOR status turns the indicator to different colors to show if you are connected or not. When the TOR indicator turns green, it means you havejoined the network and Tor has allocated you a new IP address. You can see the TOR address display when you hover the mouse over the TOR Icon. It’s hard for anyone to identify your IP address because the connection is entirely made over TOR Network. However, if you have an unstable network, your indicator will change from gray to green and vice versa. The changes in color are common at the beginning of the connection or when the internet is changing from standard network to TOR connection. 

   Deep Onion uses enhanced code bases and has all nodes operated over TOR. Accessing TOR happens  through the edge nodes and not through the nodes of the participants. This feature protects your network  from attacks and unwanted monitoring. All users are protected, and their connections cannot be intercepted or monitored by a third party. You don’t need to worry about your strategic transactions getting exposed. Deep Onion also supports open source and allows members of the community to build their clients. The primary goal is to ensure the virtual privacy of all people.  

  This crypto coin doesn’t operate on commit from other currencies. In layman’s language, it doesn’t depend  on other existing crypto-coins. Instead, DeepOnion has its code base that is different from other existing  coins. The difference also includes details like PoW, PoS and other parameters. With the continuous upgrade, there is room for more enhanced features in the future.  

Upcoming deep-send feature  
  DeepOnion has elaborate milestones arranged systematically. The platform has covered most of the  milestones as per its roadmap. Next on the map is the deep-send feature which aims at redefining the order of things in Cryptocurrency industry. Under the deep-send feature, DeepOnion will launch massive marketing and publicity on all social media platforms. This feature will focus on educating the community on how to use the DeepOnion wallet. The SEM experts will start showing both video and content ads to many people including the experts and newbies. The experts plan to prepare different ads including Google ads, Facebook as and Yandex ads.  

 40 Rounds of free airdrops  
  DeepOnion plans to have 40 rounds of free air-drops as a way of distributing the coins to other members of the community. The free distribution of air -drops takes place once every week. The distribution is done  basing on the type of membership. A legendary member earns more than a junior member. There are five types of members namely;  
‘ Member  ‘ Full member  ‘ Senior member  ‘ Hero member  ‘ Legendary member  ‘ 

Airdrop distribution rates  
  The airdrop distribution rates are calculated using the following formula:  
  Total Coins planned for distribution x factor number. The following are the element numbers for different  membership type:  
  ‘ Member — 0.9  ‘ Full member- 1  ‘ Senior -1 .1  ‘ Hero — 1.2  ‘ Legendary member 1.3  

Members who are loyal and DeepOnion airdrop programs will earn founder member status. Being a full  member gives you the privilege to vote in the Onion vote central. However, members who joined earlier can also earn full member status if they follow the airdrop rules and continue participating in DeepOnion events. This means that members who join during the 20th airdrop and remain loyal until the 40th airdrop get the full member status automatically. Ensure you attain the required post count and update your signature. It’s imperative to work hard to earn the badge and make DeepOnion the best crypto coin in the world.  

Airdrop Details  
  DepOnion plans to distribute free coins to members of the community. The first airdrop took place on July  21 st, 2017 and has continued on a weekly basis. All members are eligible for participation in the airdrop that will happen in 40 successful cycles. According to the requirements, a member has to post 10 valid posts of 50 characters weekly to qualify for airdrops In that particular week. However, failure to post for three consecutive weeks leads to permanent exclusion from future distributions. Members are expected to make these ten posts across all bitcointalk forums. You must continue posting as per the requirements. However, if you miss posting during one week you are excluded from that week’s airdrops only. There’s a chance for you to restart the posting in the following week to continue earning.  

 Facts about PoW, PoS and No Crowd founding  
  The advantage with DeepOnion is that it doesn’t do ICO or crowdfunding. Three-quarters of the total crypto coins are earned and distributed at the original release, referred to as the genesis block. About 10% is left for the public to mine. The pre-mined coins are the ones airdropped to the community in the 40 distinctive rounds. The community benefits from the genesis block and pre-mined block. The platform will issue 20% in form of bounties, promotions, and rewards. The balance of 10% goes to the development team. DeepOnion is, more resistant crypto coins because the majority of its coins are in PoS. it’s advantageous to deal in DeepOnion coins because of the safety of your investment. As the political elite fight, the existence of Cryptocoin, such as bitcoin, chances of a massive negative effect on DeepOnion are very remote.  

Coin specifications  
*DeepOnion onions (Coins) use an x1 3 algorithm

*They have a 5 block transaction confirmation    

*You get 50 minted block confirmations    

*Approximate value of total coins after 10 years is 25 million    

*Around 20 million coins will be produced of which 90% will be distributed freely to the community through airdrops    

*About 2 million coins will be available for public mining    

*The POS offered  

It is available to the users on 3 of the most renowned global platforms; the Windows Wallet (version 1.2, 32/64 bit), Linux Wallet (version 1.2 and 1.1) and on the MAC Wallet (version 1.1) as well.  With its enhanced features it has been successful at attracting a large number of users on the network of cryptocurrencies. Visit the deeponion website for more details!   

View the DeepOnion Roadmap

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