DNA Results For The Elongated Skulls Of Paracas: Part 1 Of 4: The Baby

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The above display case at the Juan Navarro Museum in Paracas Peru shows three skulls from the ancient Paracas culture that were all discovered in the same tomb approximately 4 years ago. All appear to be members of the same family and all are elongated with reddish hair.


The skull on the right is an 18 to 22 month old baby in its original funeral wrappings who died about 1950 years ago according to radiocarbon testing, and the ornate nature of the textile indicates that it was a member of a high status family. The age at death was declared by a Peruvian forensic dentist.


Here above Sr. Juan Navarro is shown displaying the baby skull once it was unwrapped by an archaeologist, and a forensic team from the US. DNA samples were taken during the unwrapping process. Note the reddish-blonde hair which is and was not a Native American characteristic.


And above, the baby Paracas skull on the right as compared to a normal Native American baby skull on the left. The latter was likely 1 year to 16 months old at the time of death. The Paracas skull is profoundly different in shape and size…


DNA testing of the baby Paracas was conducted in the Lakehead University lab in Canada, as well as perhaps one or two other labs in the United States. The results that came back showed only one discernible haplogroup present, that of U2e1. This haplogroup is not associated with Native Americans, but WITH proto-Germanic and proto-Balto-Slavic speakers! Contamination has been ruled out.


This would indicate that the Paracas ancestors that had the haplogroup U2e1 haplogroup did not cross the Bering land bridge with the Native Americans, but likely sailed to the coast of Peru from Europe, the Middle East or possibly India, at least 3000 years ago. The full DNA results and analysis can be found in the DVD Watchers 10, available HERE.

Parts 2 to 4 to follow soon; results of 3 other Peruvian skulls’ DNA tests that were conducted with those of the baby.

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