Human Microchipping Conditioning

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“Here we have companies that are basically hunting you,
hunting your family
and your lineage
and your next generation
and the average person… does nothing.”
~  Greg Nikolettos

Going back in history, ominous parallels are drawn between today’s emerging technologies and data gathering trends, and the Nazi regime fully controlling the populace through information gathering tools and techniques over 70 years ago.  Greg also discusses some of the corporations that profited from this grave period in history and which still exist today.

The lecture reveals how governments, along with corporations such as Google and Microsoft, are planning to integrate census data, RFID, DNA & biometric harvesting, Smart Meters, satellites, global databases and emerging technologies including biosensor microchips, to usher in a new age movement of accepting individual microchipping.

The presentation also describes how Transhumanism is the end-game for a modern-day eugenics movement, repackaged and rebranded for a new generation, unaware and apathetic to insidious social engineering agendas.

Greg also showcases the unethical but sophisticated marketing strategies being adopted by those pushing the agenda to present microchipping in a favourable light using the young, ill and infirm.

Are we headed toward a society devoid of any privacy, where humans are tracked, modeled, profiled, monetised and controlled in perpetuity?

That’s up to you.

“You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality” ~ Ayn Rand