In This Amazing City People Live Without Politics, Religion And Money

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Can you imagine a place where there was no conflict, anger, or economical issues? A place where you weren’t in debt, struggling for money, and working 60 hours a week?

It sounds like a fairy tale, or a dream even. However, it really isn’t. While nobody and no civilization is perfect, Auroville comes pretty close. In this modernized South Indian city, the citizens live a life of healthy happiness without politics, religion, or money. They trade goods to get what they need, and most of their food comes from the local farms. There are people there from all over the entire world; different nationalities, cultures, and ethnicities. It’s a very successful place and is one of the first to receive protection from UNESCO as an international city.


Auroville is the best modern day example of how the future could be if we all worked together. Money’s just paper, politics is just opinions, and religion is just a hypothesis. But right here, right now, is the real deal. Make the most of it.






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