MacronLeaks : Emmanuel Macron Tax Evasion Documents

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Documents leaked earlier today show that Macron had an undisclosed LLC in Nevis, an island in the Caribbean. They also show this company was dealing with a bank known to facilitate fraud and tax evasion .

French media is now claiming it’s muh Russian conspiracy, pretty much confirming the authenticity of the documents .

The first doc is the incorporation of a shell company in Nevis, a country that doesn’t keep ownership records of corporations. The second is proof of a banking relationship with a bank involved in tax evasion in the Cayman Islands.

People have known for a while that Macron underreported his income and assets to the government, but nobody knew where it was stored. Here’s where his money is stored.

We encourage you to save and print those documents, they may get shutdown soon .

Document 1: 

Document 2: 

 Archived copies and album of documents : 


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