MEDIA BLACKOUT : French Media False Presidential Elections Polls

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French presidential elections are just around the corner and just like the US mainstream media did with trump, there is a massive will to silence those who dont get along with their GLOBALIST AGENDA.

Résultat d’images pour francois asselineau

A recent french media polls puts Mr Jean-luc melanchon and mrs lepen at the highest while various internet polls revealed that Mr Francois Asselineau was the favorite . Asselineau has spoken numerous times about his will to get france out of the EU and cut the grass under this globalist agenda for a new world order in wich the EU plays a big role .

(internet polls) first place is Francois Asselineau .

I invite everyone to share this article and promote the name of Francois Asselineau ! Because France needs FREXIT !



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