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We have heard dozens if not hundreds of theories about the Great Pyramid of Giza, its origin, its purpose and who it was built by. While some of the proposed theories are extremely bizarre, they cannot be completely overruled since there is a lack of scientific evidence which can definitely put an end to all debate. Many people believe that the Pyramid of Egypt have an otherworldly connection, better said, not only the pyramid in Egypt but pyramid in general. What would you say about a story of an Alien being found underneath the Great Pyramid, in a secret chamber? Well according to a March 2000 issue of Egyptian magazine Rose al-Yūsuf, a discovery of that kind was made in Egypt. The story tells that in 1988, a French Egyptologist explored the interior of the Great Pyramid of Giza when he accidentally discovered a mysterious and unknown chamber inside the Pyramid. According to reports, the room had been sealed right after the builders completed the construction of the Pyramid, over 4000 years ago. The chamber contained a mysterious crystalline-transparent case. According to reports, the mysterious crystalline case was in fact some sort of life support system for a small alien being which was believed to be hibernating. Finding a secret chamber like that would be more than extraordinary but finding an actual alien being inside the pyramid would be chaotic, extraordinary and life changing. Physical evidence that supports the story published in Egypt is still missing. The story goes on. According to reports from the Egyptian Magazine, when researchers inspected the newly found chamber they found more clues about its mysterious inhabitant as they stumbled upon a strange papyrus text. The hieroglyphic inscription speaks about the mysterious being which is said to be a messenger that arrived to Ancient Egypt during the reign of Pharaoh Khufu. Apparently the mission of the alien being was to announce the arrival of his people to Earth. The mysterious visitor was held in high regards by the Pharaoh since the mysterious papyrus allegedly speaks about the Great Pyramid being built as a receptacle for the crystal capsule that contained the alien being. Was this the true purpose of the pyramids? Well we don’t know, but the story about the incredible discovery is more than fascinating if it is actually true… which many of us doubt. Imagine that… finding an Alien being inside the pyramid? Wouldn’t that be all over the news…? Oh wait… probably not because all discoveries that challenge mainstream views are rapidly tucked away. Anyway let’s get back to the story. The Great Pyramid was allegedly built as an energy plant in order to maintain the crystalline case working and the alien being alive. The use of advanced technology was incorporated in the building process.

What if… in some mysterious way… Pyramids as a global phenomena and not isolated monuments, are connected to the stars and otherworldly beings… After the mysterious being was discovered, a friend of the discoverer, biologist and researcher de Braga boarded a plane to Cairo in order to take tissue and DNA samples from the being. But shortly after landing, de Braga was allegedly sent back to Europe by Egyptian Authorities, the mysterious being and the crystalline case were confiscated by State Security and taken to an undisclosed location where the being and the otherworldly technology still remain. After this, no mentions, statements or news about the Alien, the chamber, the crystalline case or the discovered have been made. Everything was tucked away in secrecy as if it never happened. But let’s look back in history a bit… we will find out that this isn’t the first time a mysterious being was found inside the Great Pyramid. According to stories, the first person to actually ‘break into’ the Great Pyramid was a powerful caliph called Abdullah al-Ma’mun, the son of Harun al-Rashid in the 813 CE. After days of hard labor, his workers broke through several blocks of granite and found a burial chamber which contained the remains of some sort of strange being, surrounded by precious items, it seemed as if the being had been buried with great respect. In Secrets of the Great Pyramid, author Peter Tompkins mentions the event: SOME ARABIAN AUTHORS HAVE REPORTED THAT AL MA’MUN FOUND IN THE SARCOPHAGUS A STONE STATUE IN THE SHAPE OF A MAN. THEY SAY THAT WITHIN THE STATUE LAY A BODY WEARING A BREASTPLATE OF GOLD SET WITH PRECIOUS STONES, AN INVALUABLE SWORD ON HIS CHEST, AND A CARBUNCLE RUBY ON ITS HEAD THE SIZE OF AN EGG, WHICH SHONE AS WITH THE LIGHT OF DAY.”

What if… all of the above mentioned is actually true, and a big piece of evidence is in fact hidden from sight. What if a big piece of history is missing ?

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