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Calixtlahuaca, present day Toluca has one of the most mysterious objects discovered in Mexico. The Monument number 4, Cross Altar or Tzompantli share an incredible similarity to the Ankh cross in ancient Egypt.

The symbol ankh is an ancient symbol represented in the ancient engravings of ancient Egypt, represents the symbol of life and also as the symbol of eternal life. The Egyptians indicated the ankh to indicate the afterlife. The shape of the ankh resembles a cross with the upper stem an oval loop.

There are many speculations about the appearance of the ankh and when to its meaning there are many speculations some indicating the ankh as a symbol of the resurrection. It is still an allusion to the sun’s rising sun, symbolizing again the life cycle of nature. But what is the ankh doing in Mexico? In the video below we will learn some of the facts of this extraordinary discovery. 


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