MYSTERIOUS Orb Flying Over Jersey

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Rich T., who lives in the Essex County suburb of approximately 35,000 people, says he’s not the type of person who is on the hunt for UFOs in a regular basis.

Rich, who resides in the township with his wife and children, says he doesn’t always sit on his lawn with binoculars in hand.

However, on one Saturday night, he and his wife saw an orb-like light flying overhead while they put their daughter in her car seat. Rich said the light flew silently from Bloomfield in the northeast direction. A second light joined the first light briefly before they all disappeared, Rich stated.

Rich described the light as something he has not seen before. He said it did not resemble a blimp, helicopter, or a plane. Even after his research about drones, sky lanterns, and other aerial objects, he still could not find one that matched the description of the orb, which, according to Rich, was flying against the wind.

Rich joins among hundreds of skywatchers from New Jersey, who believe they may have witnessed a UFO . WATCH THE VIDEO AND SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS !

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