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Most eat foods that don’t agree with our bodies for our whole lives, and because we are so used to how they make us feel, we often don’t realize how much better we could feel if we were to cut some of these trigger foods out of our diet. Common triggers include sugar, dairy, wheat, and fried foods. When we eat inflammatory foods on a regular basis, our bodies become used to them, and we don’t realize they are causing a reaction until we actually remove them from our diets. Recently, a man name Lachian Brown decided to give up these three trigger foods, as well as coffee, and even he was surprised by what happened.

A self-proclaimed food-a-holic, Brown loves to eat, anything and everything. However, he recently noticed that his love of food was catching up to him and his stomach was getting bigger. After a few girls told him the same, he decided to check the scales, and was dismayed to learn he had gained seven kilos in six months. He attributes the weight gain to the fact that he had spent those six months travelling, working on his computer and eating french fries, coke, and beer nearly every day. Yep, that’ll do it.

After receiving an email for a one-month detox program, he decided to make a change.

The detox program called for him to remove soda, alcohol, sugar, gluten, fruit juice, coffee, eggs, and dairy from his diet. This was a huge change for Brown, as virtually all of his favourite foods fit into those categories. The program taught Brown how those kinds of foods usually contain additives that can negatively affect your physical and mental health.

So What Did Brown Eat for the Month?

He kept things fairly simple and ate mostly organic vegetables, chicken, pork, fruit, rice, and potatoes. He ensured he was having large servings of vegetables and salads every day and swapped his coffee for green tea — four to five cups a day.

What Did He Notice Right Away?

In the first few days Brown was feeling constantly hungry. His energy was also getting depleted soon after waking up in the morning, likely from the caffeine withdrawal symptoms. Prior to this cleanse, he had been having three coffees a day and at least one Coca-Cola, which amounts to a lot of caffeine. It’s no surprise he was feeling depleted. After one week, he started to feel more awake.

 1) Sustained Energy Throughout the Day

After the week of death, my body started to fee fresh when I ran in the morning. I also felt more mentally awake in the morning. The best bit? It was sustained. I’d been on an even keel for the whole day, whereas in the past I’d have huge jumps of energy when I had coffee and massive come downs later in the day.

2) I Lost 3 Kgs in a Month

Pretty good effort I must say so myself. My stomach felt lighter as well. Before this I’d usually have 1-3 beers at night (and sometimes more when I had a crazy big night.) That’s probably the reason I’d wake up feeling bloated in my stomach. 

But now, it’s different. I feel less full and fat. I’ll admit, it was difficult giving up drinking beer for a month. It’s such a social thing to do. Plus I love it. But in the end it was well worth it for my body.

I also found that my moods were more stable. I’m generally a happy guy, but I can certainly get angry and irritable at times. But during the past couple of weeks. I’ve mellowed out a little more. This could be in relation to my energy remaining constant throughout the day

Do I miss those “high” moments from drinking coffee and beer with friends? Sure, but at least my mood is more stable, which I’m sure is great for my body and mental health.

3) I’m More Physically Fit (And Ripped)!

I really upped my game at the gym, lifting heavy weights and doing body exercises like push ups and pull ups. I also ran about 5 kilometers, twice a day. 

The fact that I was taking care of myself with my diet meant that I had more motivation to be physically fit as well. As I wasn’t relying on coffee or soda for a quick energy boost, I found that gym workouts and running gave me a nice energy boost if I needed it.

4) My Sleep Also Improved

I’ve always had a problem with sleeping. Sometimes I go through phases of it being quite good, and other times I’m getting 2-6 hours of sleep a night. But the past couple of weeks I’ve been sleeping quite well. I hardly wake during the night, which is rare for me. I can’t be certain if it’s the diet because mindset plays a huge role in sleep for me. However, it is a nice correlation.

5) I’m No Longer Sneezing

I also found that I wasn’t sneezing as much as I used to. For some reason, I regularly have a runny nose, particularly during hay-fever season. But I haven’t noticed that at all in the past few weeks. Research has shown that eating too many processed foods can hurt our ability to fight colds and little bugs because you’re not getting enough nutrition to fuel the immune system.

In Conclusion

Now that I look back detoxing has been a pretty great and challenging experience. My energy and mental state has improved, I’ve lost weight, my sleep has been good, and I’m fitter than I’ve been for a while. 

So will I continue? Absolutely!

The one thing I will change is beer. I won’t have it every night, but I will reserve the right to have a few beers once or twice a week.

This is just one man’s story, but you can clearly see how just making a few changes in your diet and lifestyle can provide you with tons of benefits. You may not realize how good you can feel until you stop relying on substances and stimulants. What aspects of your diet do you feel may be weighing you down? Could you try giving them up for a month and seeing how it feels, it’s worth a shot, right?

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