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Reptoids, Reptilians, Dinosauroids are nothing new to the Americas.  In fact,
since the beginning of our known history of the Americas the native peoples
have recorded, worshiped and idolized these Reptilians.

The Mayans are certainly no exception.  The Mayans spoke and recorded
history of a species of “Iguana-Men” who descended from the sky taking
charge of their civilization.  These Reptilians taught them how to build their
magnificent pyramids and even instructed them to arrange them in patterns
reflecting the constellations.  The legendary Mayan story of Gukumatz speaks
of Serpents of Wisdom (Reptilians) enlightening the people and sometimes
even devouring the young.  Either these Mayans had very vivid imaginations
or “Iguana men” truly showed them the knowledge to construct the
magnificence of their cities.

The Reptilian visitations would certainly explain the perfect celestial alignment
and construction of their pyramids.  Additionally, these advanced visitors
could explain some of the ancient astronaut theories with the King Pakal
ascending in his rocket-ship.
Reptilians and humans
The Reptilians connect does not just stop in central America, but continues
into the history of the Northern American tribes.  The Hopi Indians of Northern
Arizona referred to a race of Reptilian humanoids called the Sheti, translated
“Snake Brothers.”  The Hopi have long been known for their high level of
enlightenment and deep spiritual connections to the Earth.  While the Hopi’s
connection with the Earth would most likely inspire them to write great legends
about the creatures that roam the earth, it seems completely illogical for this
great tribe to refer to the lowly modern snake as “snake brothers.”  John
Rhodes, an active researcher of Reptilian origins has spoken to many tribal
chiefs about this matter.
Both Apache and Hopi tribal leaders spoke to him of the Reptilians having underground bases and assisting the tribes in
times of crisis.  Underground cities of the Reptilians are said to exist under parts of Arizona, California, and Mexico.  It is
apparent that “Reptilian-Humanoid” creatures had an everlasting effect on all American tribes and/or civilizations.
Regardless if these Reptilians had our interests at heart, it is well known that Reptilians have helped to shape the very
fabric of our society today.  Discounting these “myths” from the Maya, Inca, and Hopi Indian civilization would be foolish.
They believed in Reptilian gods, perhaps they are nothing more than the Reptilians we know of today!

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