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Reptilians, or also known as Reptilians, comprise a common motif in creation
mythology, ufology, folklore, science fiction, fantasy, and conspiracy theories.
In China for example, many Reptilian Humanoids were depicted in their
mythology (ancient); these humanoids had the ability to shape shift.
Reptilians and China

The four Dragon Kings (龍王; pinyin: Lóng Wáng) are, in Chinese mythology,
the divine rulers of the four seas (each sea corresponds to one of the
cardinal directions). Although Dragon Kings appear in their true forms as
dragons, they have the ability to shapeshift into human form. The Dragon
Kings live in crystal palaces, guarded by shrimp soldiers and crab generals.
Although many shrug these folklore tales as common ancient mythology, it is
apparent that something must have created this belief system.

Throughout Chinese culture we see signs of Dragon Kings, dragons, and
characters who are able to shape shift into humans.  Important to their
culture, temples were erected to honor these Reptilian Kings.  There are
numerous temples dedicated to Dragon Kings in China and one in Oregon
(Yes, Oregon, United States). One temple in Beijing was built during the
Yuan Dynasty and renovated in the early 21st century. Chao-Tian Palace
(朝天宮) of Beigang Township (北港鎮), Yunlin, devoted to the Goddess Mazu,
also has human-shaped statues for the four Dragon Kings, each riding on a

In their tales, these Kings would reek havoc on the people of China.
Coinciding with Reptilian Alien facts, it is apparent that today’s notion of a
Reptilians’ characteristics is not very different from Ancient Chinese
mythology of their Four Dragon Kings.

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