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Reptilians have wandered far out into our ancient past, casting
enlightenment among their Earthly followers.  Like in many cultures, the
Greeks also had mythological tales of dragons and serpents.  Cecrops was a
king of Athens and it is said that, he was born from the earth itself, and he
had his top half shaped like a man and the bottom half in serpent or fish-tail
form (Reptilian Alien?).
Reptilians and Greece
 He was the founder and the first king of Athens itself,
though preceded in the region by the earth-born king Actaeus of Attica.
Cecrops was a culture hero, teaching the Athenians marriage, reading and
writing, and ceremonial burial.  As one can see, Reptilians sought to grow a
following of well-educated beings to serve their purpose under the Reptilian
Alien Agenda.  During his reign, Athena became the patron goddess of the
city of Athens in a competition with Poseidon which Cecrops judged.
They agreed that each would give the Athenians one gift, and Cecrops
would choose whichever gift they preferred. Poseidon struck the rock of the
Acropolis with his trident and a spring sprang up; the water was salty and
was not thought very useful, whereas Athena struck the rock with her lance
and an olive tree sprung up. Cecrops judged the olive tree to be the
consequently accepted Athena as their patron.  Poseidon, in a rare show of
magnanimity, decided to grant his gift regardless, although its nature was
initially misunderstood: it was meant to represent sea power, which Athens
was to exercise gloriously in the future. The Acropolis was also known as
the Cecropia in his honor.

As mythological tales spur on about Ancient Greece, it is hard to overlook
the tales of powerful serpent kings and gods.  Did Reptilians give our
ancient past it’s mythological tales or were these simply imaginations
running wild!?

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