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End of the world prophet now claims October will be the beginning of the end. There has been a considerable alarm in certain circles owing to the predictions that September 23rd, 2017 will be the day that the world comes to an end. However, now one of the most prominent proponents of this worrying theory, David Meade, has stepped in to claim that this is a misunderstanding.

David Meade, an astronomer, and author has stepped in to reassure the world that things will not come to an end on the 23rd September. Instead, he says that there will be celestial events on this date which he refers to simply as ‘time markers’. He has also said that while the mainstream media have reported that these celestial events will be visible that he does not believe that they will be. Despite this word of reassurance, Meade has not rolled back on his prediction that the end is nigh.

He says that the month of October will be the ‘beginning of the end’ with regards to life on the planet. He says that beginning with the 21st of October that there will be a seven-year period of tribulation. During this time, the elusive planet Niburu will come close to the Earth’s orbit and wreak various forms of disaster upon humanity. It has even been suggested that the drawing close of Niburu could trigger some kind of event that could be interpreted as the coming of the antichrist or the rapture. Meade’s words have been met with alarm by some people, but others are far more incredulous, pointing out that end of the world prophecies have been made with some regularity in the past and yet have never come to pass. However, given the sudden, unprecedented spate of natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes in addition to the growing political problems in the world which could lead to the outbreak of an all-encompassing world war, perhaps the end truly is nigh after all. 

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