Strange Organic Artifacts Found Near Nazca In Peru: Evidence Of Ancient Aliens ?

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Recently we were approached by a man in Cusco who said he had some artifacts from the southern desert of Peru that we may find interesting. Above you can see what appears to be a head, with closed eyes that have angled slits for eyelids. Though easy to initially dismiss as fake, the object appears to be a mummified life form of some kind, but what? The owner of these objects does not want to be named.

The underside of the skull shows exposed bone like material, marrow and the grayish skin that still covers most of the specimen. Also, you can see where the spinal cord and vertebrae once connected the skull with its body. If this was a turtle, which I initially assumed, the spinal cord would attach at the back of the skull, not the bottom.

The photo above shows that the skull, again, has angled eyelids, two nostrils, and a very narrow slit like mouth. It is coated with a fine whitish silt material, which is actually encrusted onto the surface, and that is why the nostrils and mouth appear to be closed. This silt is in fact clay, and is typical of the Nazca area of Peru. X rays, as seen in the photo below, from THIS VIDEO shows that the skull has sinuses and shallow eye sockets. The Cusco based radiologist is convinced it is not fake.

Also found, supposedly in the same location, is a very strange had like appendage which has only 3 fingers. It clearly has nothing to do with the tiny skull above, which is smaller than an adult human hand.

This “hand” is larger than that of an adult human, as seen above, and like the skull, appears to be made of bone like material and some type of skin. It too is coated and encrusted with a fine clay, which is typical of the Nazca area of Peru, which was once the ocean floor, uplifted by tectonic activity in the distance past.

X rays conducted in Cusco show that each of the fingers have 6 bones, while a human hand has 3. Ideas that this is from a whale or sea lion have been dismissed as they, like humans have five fingers. The bones in the area of the “palm” appear to be broken. Whether this happened while the individual was alive, or after death is unknown. And what kind of life forms these were, remain a complete mystery.

Finally, each of the three fingers has what appears to be a fingernail; quite similar to that of a human. DNA analysis is being considered by the man in possession of these artifacts, but when this will happen is unknown. It is said that there are many more odd specimens located where these came from; in a cave or labyrinth in the Peruvian desert. It is patrolled by local people who do not want outsiders to find or explore this location, and they are armed with weapons…

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