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MacronLeaks : Emmanuel Macron Tax Evasion Documents

Documents leaked earlier today show that Macron had an undisclosed LLC in Nevis, an island in the Caribbean. They also show this company was dealing with a bank known to facilitate fraud and tax evasion . French media is now claiming it’s muh Russian conspiracy, pretty much confirming the authenticity of the documents . The first […]

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Hackers Claim Hack Into 700 Million iCloud Accounts

News relating to hacking is as common as any sports or entertainment news. Hacking instances are something that happen almost every single day. Some of these instances are weird and profound, causing shock and awe while also creating ripples among the cyber security experts.   Now flash forward to March, 2017. The number of iCloud […]

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Norway Becomes First Nation in the World to Ban Deforestation

“This is an important victory in the fight to protect the rainforest.” Did you know? Every year, an estimated 55 billion tons of fossil energy, minerals, metals, and bio mass is extracted from the Earth. As a result, humans are using up 50% more natural resources than the planet can comfortably provide. Scientists even speculate […]

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While Brexit Was All Over The Place The U.S. Senate Announced a ‘Compromise’ to Outlaw GMO Labeling Laws Nationwide

While UK citizens were revolting en masse against bureaucratic rule in Europe, another cabal of prostituted lawmakers were busy plotting against American food consumers. According to this announcement from the United States Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry, committee leaders have reached a “bipartisan agriculture biotechnology compromise solution.” What exactly is this so-called “compromise?” The […]

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Researchers discover vast ancient cities hidden deep beneath the Cambodian jungle

A new study with revolutionary laser scanning technology has allowed archaeologists to detect never-before-seen structures –believed to be thousands of years old–below the surface of the Cambodian rainforest. Many experts refer to this finding as the most extensive archaeological survey done so far, and will help researchers in their ‘hunt’ for more ‘lost’ cities in the near future. Australian […]

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