An Unseen Energy Force is Creating a New World

A hidden spiritual power permeates the land around us, and those of us who are willing to open up to it can access and feel it. I’ve just started to tap into it, and I feel it in its strongest doses when I’m in nature. I’ve only received an inkling of the spiritual power that […]

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1 Million Children Meditating For World Peace In Thailand

5,000 schools together. 1 million ‪‎children‬ meditating for world ‪‎peace‬ at the Phra Shammakaya Temple of ‪‎Thailand‬. Meditation only works for the individual with inner peace, not for greedy and corrupt people; they have no heart and no soul, nothing is going to happen but war from them. Having peaceful and noble thoughts are great […]

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Science explains why certain people experience ‘Déjà vu’

‘Déjà vu,’ the term of French origin mentions a psychological phenomenon, which occurs fleetingly at any time and anywhere, affecting approximately 70 percent of the world’s population.   Most of us have had at least once in our lifetime a ‘déjà vu’ experience. It is a mysterious feeling where time seems to pass by in […]

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The Extraordinary Powers of Chi. Scientists Left Baffled

Chi is a Chinese word which translates to “aliveness,” life force energy, or life breath; it is also referred to as Ki, Qi, or Prana. Austrian psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich also conceived of a similar concept with the notion of Orgone energy, which he theorized in the 1930s to be a massless, omnipresent substance, similar toluminiferous […]

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