The Cabal Satanic Gay/Transgender Plan For Humanity

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As Bizarre and incredible as it sounds, humanity has been slowly and secretly been colonised by a satanic cult we call the “illuminati” or the “cabal”,  This is a political and spiritual ‘shadow system’ operating behind most governments and representing corrupt Masonic/sionist bankers who finagled a monopoly over government credit.  This allows them to create currency in the form of a debt to them, and charge interest’.

“Naturally they want to protect this trillion dollar prize by translating it into a political and cultural monopoly in the form of a totalitarian world government dedicated to Lucifer;, who represents their greed, and thirst for absolute power in defiance of God. (*Quotes from Illuminati historian Henry Macow.)

Dennis Healey former British Secretary of Defense once said:

“World events do not occur by accident.  They are made to happen whether it is to do with national issues or commerce; most of them are staged and managed by those who hold the purse string”.

The people who hold the global purse strings are conspiring against us to reduce our populations and take control over everything we do.  Meanwhile unsuspecting governments are co-operating with them to change our laws and social values in exchange for so called ‘ new enlightened and socially inclusive values’.

What our politicians on both sides don’t realise is that Equality and Gender agendas espoused by the UN, the IMF and EU and the Theosophy Society (of which Tony Blair is a member) mask the evil intentions of these illuminati sponsored organisations.  Today foreign aid dependent African countries which try to resist these immoral political inducements are being increasingly met with stiff sanctions for non compliance.( eg Kenya and Zimbabwe)

Alice A.Bailey (1880-1949)

In 1922 an occultist named Alice A. Bailey set up the Lucifer Publishing Company (later re named The Lucis Trust) to disseminate luciferian ideals into society.  Her infamous 10 point strategy, given to her by a ‘spirit guide’ called The Tibetan, outlined how to secretly and permanently destroy the christian and moral foundations of our western culture.  Beginning with the family then educational, religious and social institutions; the plan prepares the ground for the New Worldwide Government to control and enslave mankind.  The bible warns about this multi-faceted system in Revelation 13:4-18, how it will  oppose God.

NOTE:  You can read the 10 point plan in the attached addendum.  You can also read it in Bailey’s esoteric book or google it.

This comprehensive strategy to undermine the strength and stabilizing effects of traditional family upon society, contained the early foundations of what would become a Gender Equality Agenda ostensibly aimed at ‘liberating’ the female parent from the ‘drudgery’ of home care, while surreptitiously devaluing her role in raising the next generation of children.  Evidence has since emerged that the elite bankers secretly funded the growth of the Womens Liberation Movements to ideologically separate women from their men  Source:

They later funded the pot smoking, free-sex hippie counter-culture movement of the 1960s*** to break the link between parental and youth values. (ie stop true christian values being passed to children).  They pushed free contraception and championed abortion rights, separate sexual enjoyment from the moral responsibility of procreation.  All these things which sit under the umbrella of greater freedoms for women, have acutually led to worsening relationship with men, less desire for heterosexual marriage and the unprecedented rise of the Gay revolution; which in turn is leading us into a Transgender Revolution in which our sexuality becomes so pluralised that we no longer know who we are.

Recently I read in a local newspaper that a Grenadian school had received a UN grant to re-educate the children to appreciate and show tolerance towards children with different sexual identities. ( which the ‘sexes’ have now morphed into more than 20 permutations).  This is absurd!  Funding was given under the guise of preventing gender bias and discrimination.  Its real aim though is to create gender confusion in our little ones.  Have you heard of the recent re classifying of male and female “psychologically female’ can use the same washroom as your little girl.


The bible says man was ‘made in Gods image, male and female created He them’.  This idea is hated by the satanists.

Believe it or not they want to create a altered version of man, in their own image ( in the image of their god Satan/Baphomet Who’s depicted as being transgender, part female and part male)  Just google ‘TRANSHUMANISM AGENDA’ and ‘SINGULARITY’ to expose the real goals of these clandestine overlords.

Image associéeRésultat de recherche d'images pour "baphomet transgender"

Already pressure groups in UK and USA are pushing for sex with children to be permitted if the child consents.  In the near future we may well see beastially de-criminalised in the interest of personal freedom citing the right to enjoy private pleasures. Basicly the “cabal ‘ or the “illumminati want to create a satanic society in wich everything they ( the satan worshipers ) obey by in “secret” ‘ ( pedophilia, homosexuality, transgenderism,  beastiallity …)  will now be legal and “acceptable”.

The human identity is now being shaped into the goat headed luciferian androgenous identity in which he bears both male and female sex organs.  The so called “Elite’ have bank rolled scientist to  genetically merge different species, such as vegetables with insect DNA, animals with human DNA (under the guise of scientific/medical advancements) and merging man with technology (bionic man/robotised soldiers). Thus furthering us from God and the image he has gaved us.

All this is being encouraged in pursuit of God like powers for the Elite and total freedom from God’s ‘restrictive’ laws.  (see Psalms 2:1-5) Our creator made strict moral and natural boundaries which we are not at liberty to cross.  If we do then there are painful consequences to face for all of us.

Adoption of these new immoral values and politically correct rules is being facilitated through urging constitutional changes upon ever more nations (eg Canada, Jamaica, Uganda and now Grenada) Sadly this drive may ultimately lead to the constraints.  For us christians this mean growing persecution and a kind of hell on earth!  For all people it means in practice major losses of freedoms and human rights such as we are now seeing evolve in the USA since 9/11.

This is why the sign of the cross can no longer be worn visibly at work in the UK, a supposedly christian country!  Flying the american flag on your vehicle or business facade has been banned by many states in the USA.  Feeding the homeless on the streets has become illegal in over twenty US cities and others are set to follow.  This is why USA and europe have outlawed prayer in schools and in public buildings.  It is also why the anti-christain system of Islamic law courts have been set up in several european cities including London.

We are, without our consent, being slowly and imperceptibly re-engineered to serve this satanic agenda for a one world government along with a mainly Gay/Transgender society where pedophilia and beastiallity will be legal.  They seek to redefine and undermine institutions like marriage, the christian religion and promote depravity, dysfunction, corruption and division among us.


It’s now our mission, us the awekened ones to bring awarness to other people who might still be “asleep” and who are “buying” into this satanic Gay/Transgender agenda .

Share this article with as much people as you can, even if they don’t believe it or don’t want to believe it, it’s important to plant the seed in peoples minds.

So that one day they might connect the dots and realize this is really happening.

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