UFO Wreckage Records Covered in Alien ‘Hieroglyphics Found In British Museum Archives

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After more than half a decade, ‘British Roswell’ UFO Records covered in Alien ‘Hieroglyphics have been rediscovered at a Science Museum in England.

Groundbreaking pieces of evidence of Britain’s Infamous Silpho Moor UFO Crash have been rediscovered inside London’s Science Museum

Last year, the British government decided to declassify the secret files on UFO sightings following a new law on freedom of information.

Among the documents that were published was the “Rendlesham Forest UFO incident”, which dealt with one of the best-known sightings in the country.

In addition to this, official documents also revealed that the British Ministry of Defense established a secret UFO research group in the 1950s, in which the Directorate of Scientific Intelligence and the Joint Technical Intelligence Committee participated.

Image of the “Silpho Saucer” taken by Dr. John Dale in 1958. Image Credit: John Dale

This ‘hot’ declassified information showed how the British Government had great in the UFO phenomenon.

However, the most important testimony today is that of Nick Pope, who worked for more than 20 years for the Ministry of Defense as the head of official research on unidentified flying objects.

His job was to evaluate UFO reports in the country.

What he learned was that at least some UFOs were undoubtedly technological objects of unknown origin, potentially of great importance for the defense of Britain.

Today, when the UFO phenomenon is one of the most-discussed subjects in the world, great progress is being made towards disclosure, or at least that’s what leading Ufologists say.

Apparently, Aliens crash-landed in Britain as well. Image Credit: Dr. David Clarke/Sheffield Hallam

Thanks to countless classified documents being released by various governments around the world, dealing with UFO’s and alleged alien visitations, progress towards uncovering the truth is being made nearly on a daily basis.

Now, the missing ‘wreckage’ of “Britain’s Roswell” has been found stored in a cigarette tin and kept away hidden in a storage room in a London museum. The recently ‘rediscovered’ remains are believed to be part of a UFO that crashed in England nearly 60 years ago.

The objects in question were originally discovered in Silpho Moor, near Scarborough, England, in 1957.

The disk-shaped object that had allegedly crash-landed in England was approximately 45cm in diameter and weighed 15kg, and inscribed with mysterious hieroglyphics similar to those found in the remains of the Roswell incident in 1947, the best-known UFO incident in history. It is considered the British answer to the American Roswell crash.

Apparently, the unidentified object that had crashed in England contained a book made of 17 thin sheets of copper, each covered with various undecipherable hieroglyphics.

A Local café owner by the name of Phillip Longbottom claimed the hieroglyphs translated into a 2000-word message sent by an alien civilization, and contained a warning that read: “You will improve or disappear.”

The alleged fragments said to belong to the wreckage of the Silpho UFO found in 1957. Image Credit: Dr. David Clarke

Interestingly, tests carried out at Manchester University revealed the object’s shell contained lead and the copper parts were of unusually high purity. Despite this fact, experts from the Museum of Natural History in London quickly decided that the “UFO Silpho” was a well-crafted hoax, since there was no evidence that the metal was from another part of the solar system, and that the UFO remains did not show signs of having passed through the Earth’s atmosphere at high temperatures.

However, Air Chief Marshal Lord Dowding, who led the RAF Fighter Command in the Battle of England during World War II, personally examined the mysterious object in 1959 and concluded that it was a flying saucer of extraterrestrial origin.

For decades, conspiracy theorists claimed that the UFO was intentionally destroyed to cover up the incident.

But now it is known that the items were sent to the Science Museum in 1963, where the evidence was “lost” in the archives of the museum.

Dr. David Clarke, a professor at the University of Sheffield Hallam, discovered the remains of the strange unidentified object after giving a lecture at the museum about the publication of the UFO files of the Ministry of Defense.

An alleged fragment of the UFO. Image Credit: Dr. David Clarke

Speaking about the recent discovery, Dr. David Clarke who has a Ph.D. in British folklore and cultural tradition said:

“One of the museum staff tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I was aware that ‘bits of a flying saucer’ had been kept in a cigarette tin in the museum group store for decades.

“I was absolutely amazed when later we opened the tin box and saw the wreckage. It was obvious these were the remains of the missing Silpho Saucer that some have claimed as Britain’s answer to the famous Roswell incident.

“It’s incredible to hear that pieces of this mystery object have been sitting in a museum archive for more than half a century.”

As noted by the Yorkshire Post, the artifacts sent to the museum included a section of the metal-plastic outer casing, a short length of copper tubing, and several shards of foil from the “booklet” found inside.

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