UFO\Lights Filmed Over Stara Zagora, Bulgaria 29-Feb-2016

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These strange unidentified flying object was caught on tape over Stara Zagora in Bulgaria on feb 29th 2016 .

Witness report: I was walking down Ivan Vazov street, and looked in the direction of the football field, it’s a construction site at the moment for some large store.
I looked at the sky and saw those lights, yellow-orange, pretty big (maybe 5-10 times bigger than the biggest star), slowly appearing and disappearing, as if the object was rotating, or just switching the lights on/off.
I dont know if it was a single object with lights or multiple objects. Overall I observed about 4 cycles of the lights slowly appearing and slowly disappearing. At some point the object started moving slowly. I shot a video with my 5 megapixel phone camera.
Then the light slowly faded and never appeared again. I waited for a couple of minutes and walked away.
I immediately thought it is a UFO, as I’ve seen something similar in the area a few years ago (tho it was a single light of similar size and color), and my father has seen the same.
I felt kind of calm and even disconnected while taking the video, but afterwards I felt pretty excited and a little scared. I was amazed and there were shivers running down my spine and trough my body.

Author (source: MUFON)

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