Was Jesus An Extraterrestrial ?

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As outrageous as it may seem, the theory is absolutely plausible when assessed with an open mind that is able to think past the socially prescribed limits which have been subtly imposed on society.

There is an overwhelming abundance of evidence in relation to advanced civilizations living, or visiting, Earth thousands and maybe even millions of years ago. This can be seen in the form of major structures which escape conventional explanations such as Stonehenge, Puma Punku and Sacsayhuamán amongst others. 

Jesus also arrived on this planet through an incredible story that clearly suggests the possibility that he was actually an alien. First a being from the sky, who we now know as the Angel Gabriel appeared and foretold the coming of Jesus to Mary who, according to the reports of the Bible, was chosen to be his mother.

Then, later, “The 3 wisemen” followed what was defined as “The Star of Bethlehem”, which was moving in a guided direction, which ultimately led them to Jesus. Many theories have been presented such as it being Halley’s comet or a planetary conjunction of some sort but astronomers have since disproved this theory. Is it not then plausible to imagine that this may have actually been an alien space craft of some sort? It was moving in what is seemingly an intelligent and self propelled direction, and it seems fairly obvious to me that it being an alien aircraft of some sort is just as logical a possibility as any other. Because it cannot be distinguished or defined it already qualifies as an Unidentified Flying Object.


Aside from this, Jesus was not your ordinary person. There are numerous reports of him healing the sick, walking on water and through the power of preaching truth and action, he literally challenged the system and eventually even changed it. He spoke of “the Pharisees and Sadducees” as being “children of the devil”.

If we can avoid falling into the trap of religious dogma and bigotry it’s as if there are numerous beings living here from different parts of the Universe. Perhaps Jesus come from a certain planet while those who calls children of the devil come from another. It almost reminds me of the movie “They Live” in which the lead character puts on special sun glasses only to find that everywhere around him are aliens and they hold all the major positions of control. It is interesting to note that throughout the Bible Jesus can recognize people who are “the children of Satan” and they can also identify him, as if they are able to see beyond the limited world that the rest of us can see.

This, of course, is just an alternative theory that is based on questions and not any answers. It is important to always ask questions because the story we have been presented with thus far about the world’s history is not satisfactory at all, and really and truly feels like massive cover up. This theory began mostly by a Minister named Barry Downing. You can watch more in the video below :

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