What Type Of Star Child Are You?

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Are you an Indigo, Crystal, or Rainbow Child? What type of Starchild are you?

Indigo Children:

  1. Lacks patience which can easily frustrate or bore them.
  2. Are able to sense authenticity with ease – human lie detectors.
  3. Have a very high sensitivity level to sight, sound, taste, smell and even touch.
  4. Empathetic – sensing and even feeling others feelings (anger, grief and fear).
  5. Question authority and rules.
  6. Have a sense of feeling that they do not belong here.
  7. Commonly have intuitive and psychic abilities.
  8. Have depression – these children have a need of urgency to fulfill their purpose here. If they are unable to feel they are doing this they can be very hard on themselves.

An Indigo Child that is unbalanced may feel inner turmoil, lethargic, tired, isolated, get tense (especially in crowds) and display strong emotions such as anger or crying.


Crystal Children:

  1. Very gentle nature, natural caregivers.
  2. Do not question authority or rules (but they will tolerate them).
  3. Very forgiving.
  4. Highly psychic, also able to sense authenticity.
  5. Are old souls with very large eyes.
  6. Love unconditionally.
  7. Appear very serious, prefer the company of animals instead of people.
  8. Have telepathic and psychic abilities.
  9. Often misdiagnosed as autistic or as having Asperger’s disorder. Are late to speak, sometimes not until 4 years of age. (They are able to read people as well as telepathically communicate.)

A Crystal Child that is unbalanced may become stubborn and without compromise. They create a chaotic environment if they are told to do something other than what the Crystal child wants. They have such a strong fire burning in them, a strong urgency to follow their path at a fast pace. Parents need to set limitations, responsibility and to teach these children about the world that they were born into.

Rainbow Children:

  1. Are fearless.
  2. Have large eyes like their parents.
  3. Are selfless and here to help.
  4. Strong willed, very determined.
  5. Very energetic, do not tire easily.
  6. Very trustworthy.
  7. Have telepathic abilities.
  8. Appear sweet and innocent.

A Rainbow Child that is unbalanced may become frustrated if they feel that they are being hindered from their path or aren’t at the speed they feel they need to be at. These children need our understanding, support and love, as they are the greatest hope for our planet.

Does your child or you exhibit any of these signs? If so, leave a comment below!

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